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I put Cricket out in the yard yesterday evening. Went to bring her in just past sunset, and... SKUNK SMELL! I'm not sure what happened, but a skunk must have walked near her and sprayed. It wasn't a drenching, but it was enough to require a bath in Skunk Remedy.


You would think I had taken the poor dog and beaten her with a stick! After the bath, she wouldn't come near me, wouldn't let me touch her: she laid on the couch, trembling and looking at me with utter distrust. Woebegone!


She seems to be over her trauma this morning. Not sure I can manage the guilt if she gets sprayed again!

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Ridiculous little dog!


I took her for her morning walk. Let go her leash at a local pond - she likes to drive the ducks into the water. (She's been terrified of water since I got her!) But today, after the "trauma" of last night's bath, she did a full-on, labrador-perfect, dock-diving-champion-level leap into the pond. It was a thing of beauty. Wish I had filmed it. But she was mucky and filthy when she came out. ::Sigh:: Had to hose her off again.

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