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It's probably the best thing for some many reasons, but it also makes me sad. I blame breeders of this type of dog for the heartache they inflict on everyone.

I feel the same.


And am so sorry that this happened to Gabe, and to you, Chris. My Jester was attacked by three pit bulls one time and it was a horrifying experience for him and for me.


And Gabe is, indeed, still cute even cones and shaved. I am so glad he is going to be OK.

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Poor Gabe, he looks so sad in his cone. I think he needs bacon. :D


How are you doing?


Bacon would make him happy. He's also been pretty thrilled with the 24/7 company he's had the past week. I think we're past the cone now, and he's running around and telling me he's fully recovered.


I'm...still pretty shaken up. I'm a lot more nervous around unleashed, unknown dogs, and I feel bad that the other dog was euthanized, and being back at the e-vet was really hard on me. We lost our last dog just 5 months ago, he had gone into liver failure really suddenly, no cause was ever identified, and we spent 5 days visiting him there as much as possible before I just couldn't put him through anymore. He was only 5 years old. And being with Gabe, having someone ask me what his DNR status would be if anything went wrong under anesthesia was hitting a nerve that is still really raw. Gabe's been with us for 3.5 months, and I think has been on some medication, or coughing, or something almost the whole time. I'm just ready to have a healthy dog so I can worry a little less.


But aside from all that, I'm blown away by his recovery. He did a little agility on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun....and then got a flat tire on my way home from my friend's farm. So he also got to hang in the Meineke while they fixed it at closing time...and was great! Sort of feeling like we can't catch a break, but we're getting through.

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I get so stressed when my pets are suffering and I can't imagine what it would be like to go through having another dog attack one of my dogs. I'm really sorry about your other dog. Most of my pets have lived to a very old age and it was so heartbreaking when they were gone but I have lost a couple at a young age and the injustice of it makes the loss even more heartbreaking.


I'm so happy that Gabe has made a speedy recovery.

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