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Not dog related, but . . . by Helen MacDonald is the author, a British woman who writes about her love of falconry. Beginning at an early age, (9?) she was in love with falcons. Pestered her parents until they let her go out with some men they knew who flew falcons.


This autobiographical book got started as a result of MacDonald's father's sudden death. She references The Goshawk, by T. H. White, a favorite author of mine as a teenager. Now I've got to go see if the library has that.


I'm enjoying it immensely - hard to put it down to turn off the light last night. If anyone else reads it, let me know what you think. I think I saw it recommended on Terrierman's blog.


Ruth and Gibbs

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Loved The Once and Future King as a kid also...


Loved H is for Hawk which I read recently --the writing is first rate, as are her insights on T.H. White's troubling relationship with his first goshawk- fascinating to learn about hawking, history, and T.H. White. Much reflection on the ways in which animals accompany us, even when we're lost in our inner human labyrinths.


although, not always to the animal's own benefit...

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When I bought "A Shepherd's Life" (or is it "The Shepherd's Life? One was published this year. The author of the newer book was influenced to write it by the older book.), Amazon kept recommending "H is for Hawk". I read the reviews, and I definitely have it on my "To Read" list. I am glad to hear that it is worth the read from the members here.

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