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Hi. I'm new. I got my first BC 2 wks ago. His name is Reckless, and he is now 9 weeks old. I previously had a Lab, but had to put him down. We would have gone to our first agility trial next month. I am looking foward to Reck getting old enough to start training. My family has had BCs. My mom's Fayva is a mission ready SAR dog. I've got my hands full already. Any puppy games appreciated. I'm always looking for ideas. :rolleyes:

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Welcome aboard! Haven't got too much in the way of ideas (I'm just learning a lot of this myself).


Anyway, post some pics! Everyone loves puppies!


(and enjoy the sweet little puppy tempers while you can lol)

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Hi Mecca and Reckless,


I am new here as well and just got a new puppy last weekend. She is also 9 weeks old and I have to say I have my hands full as well! Like yourself I am looking for puppy games until she start puppy classes in October. She is a handfull I have to say but there are times I am not certain what to do next. One day at a time I suppose. Have to admit she is cute so that keeps us going Looking foward to seeing pics. By the way we named our puppy Belle - still re-thinking that name lol.


:eek: memerelorraine & Belle

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