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Paw Chewing - NEED HELP

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Calypso has been chewing her paws post-allergies, which is what caused her to start. Most of the allergies have subsided (she's still taking an anti-histamine but lower dose until the weather cools even more, it's mid-50s F here) and she's not scratching anymore, we finished the prednisone per vet's instructions, but she's still chewing. It seems like a habit at this point and her paws probably do sting (they're bald, red, and have sores...just short of bleeding).


Nothing stops her!!! We tried bitter tasting vet wrap over hydrocortisone lotion and she tore it off at night and then licked. Bitter Apple sprayed directly on her paws and she powers through the taste apparently. A soft cone that was too floppy so she shoved her feet right in. And last a sturdy cone that didn't help either. She just contorted herself into a pretzel and got her back feet within tongue range anyway. The next size up in the cone would be way too big and wouldn't fit.


What do we do??? She won't stop licking the feet. We soaked her back feet in Bitter Apple after letting the hydrocortisone lotion (supposed to soothe the feet) get absorbed a bit. The front feet are perfectly fine but the back are terrible.


Help!!! She mostly licks at night, during the day she's either supervised or just leaves them alone and looks out of the window.

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In my limited experience with one severely allergic dog (weeds, i.e. late summer and fall allergies), the itching didn't stop until we had a killing frost. What looked like the subsiding of allergens to us didn't have any effect on him at all. He was miserable until there was a hard frost. :(

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