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Three Months: A Real Dog

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On Saturday it was three months since I brought Cricket home. I took her to the woods today and let her loose. I typically leash her when we see people and dogs approaching - because it's not polite to let your dog charge at strangers (though she wouldn't) and because big, charging dogs freak her out.


Today I noticed that as we were walking, when I said, "Wait," Cricket stood in her place and waited until I could leash her. When I said, "Come here" she came. So as a few joggers and bikers came towards us, I called her to me, had her sit, and then did the "wait." Each time, she waited in a sit - politely and unleashed - until the people passed by us. She kept her eyes on me so she could see what I wanted her to do.


It's so amazing, how much they take in, in such a short time! I still deeply miss my old boy Buddy. But this is the first day I could truly feel that Cricket is looking to me as her partner, is trusting me to advise her as she navigates the world. She's so willing to listen and give what I want. <3

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Some people talk about the rule of threes. Three days, three weeks, three months. It's a good rule of thumb as long as you don't take it too literally. Nonetheless, there are definite transitions at those (approximate) transitions.


Good girl, Cricket, you have reached a milestone; you are finally home, where you belong.

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