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AFAIK (and Donald would know more) it's a breed/variety which is named after the place it comes from, and from what I've heard there are different things people mean by a 'wicklow collie' so I wouldn't be surprised if people also use it because the pups are from there.


The Kerry cow would be another example, the Connemara pony, the Galway sheep, but these are better-known so more identified as distinct breeds.

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There are a whole lot of dogs being represented as McNabs which really are not. The McNab label has a bit of mystic about it but can be very shady. I live just south of McNab country ( McNab country is Mendicino County in California) The dogs called Mc Nab are incredibly variable. Not so much a breed as wishful thinking. The cattle ranchers near me have given up on them. Too many folks using the name, but no proof of a good working dog. Shows how the old notion of a "papered" dog got the reputation it did. I would be very suspicious of anyone selling McNab dogs. Show me the work.

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sad, but interesting, jen. When I was young, this was about 50 years ago the dogs that the people had were just south of Oregon border in the Siskiyou mountains. does anyone have a picture of those kind of dogs?

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