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I have finally got my driving license (!) and so me and Dylan have organized to go and meet/observe the SAR group on Saturday. If all goes well, we can start training from the following week. I wasn't going to post until we'd actually been, but I couldn't wait ! I'm a bit nervous about it as Dylan has never been in a class situation before - I mean with lots of dogs and handlers training together. But we'll just be ourselves ( as INU advised ), and hopefully we'll be ok. Now I'm thinking of INU and Jazzy and hoping that they are ok - she is the one who really made me aware of SAR for which I am very grateful. I'll post again once the ordeal is over !!!

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They're actually tied up to a couple of small treated pine poles that mark the edge of a car park at one of the dog clubs. The photo was taken nearly 2 years ago, but I liked it because they were both looking the same way.


Here's a similar one, showing their friend Skipper in the background, and showing the road.



My little Kirra, who has learned to become a fairly useful little sheep dog on my friend's farm, and who just got her Jumping Dog title, is the one in the middle.

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