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Dog Does Not Care for "Back to School Night."


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I've been leaving my new girl uncrated the last few days when I worked; she's done fine. (Near as I can tell, she sleeps on the couch all day.)


Today I had to go back to work to participate in "Back to School Night" where I teach. I decided to leave Cricket out of the crate since I'd only be gone a couple hours and it was very hot. (She likes to lie on the wood floor.)


When I got home, I went to put my walking shoes on to take her out for a last loop, but couldn't find my shoes anywhere. I finally looked in the bedroom. There were FOUR pairs of shoes on my bed (insoles chewed out of the Converse, fuzzy slippers turned inside out), along with the extra leash and (??) my guitar strap.


I guess that'll teach me to leave the house in the evening!


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Guess she won the battle over getting to be on the bed, huh? LOL

LOL... I decided I would cave on that, because I'm a soft-hearted wimp. But she's been choosing to sleep on the couch or more often inside her open crate, and NOT get on the bed with me. (She does like to lie on the couch where I usually sit, though... so I think she likes being near my scent.)


My father's old dog started life as a shoe-chewer, then gradually just chewed insoles, and then later would simply remove the insoles from our shoes and move them around the house.

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I got an earful after Back to School night. I was only home less than two hours between the end of the school day and having to go back out for it. Then I was gone 4 more hours (driving an hour each way). Bandit was not impressed. I didn't leave him out of the crate, even though he usually just hangs out under the futon.


Glad that's done for the year!

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