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thyroid issues, medicatons


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My point was that different brands/formulations will have different dosages.


What that dosage will be will depend on your dog's lab results, what medication you're using and how it responds to the medication. I've known people who've had to change the dosage and even the medication several times before they got their dog's dosage right.


Based on what I know about thyroid issues I sincerely doubt anyone here will be able to answer your question, though there are a couple vets here who might have some ideas. This is something you'll have to consult a health care professional about. If your vet doesn't know, then perhaps you should consult a vet who does. Dr. Jean Dodds from Hemopet might be a good place to start.

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^^ Ditto.


The medicine in generic drugs is the same as the branded ones, just without the bigger markups. The FDA does not permit there to be a difference in the drug itself. There may be differences in the inactive ingredients (binders, coatings, etc.) but not in the chemical composition of the drug itself.

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