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Unchaining Chance.

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Not long after we moved into this house, 5 years ago, the neighbor's daughter got a cute little puppy. Cute little puppy quickly went on a chain right at the property line and stayed there. Daughter promised to take puppy with her, but ultimately got married, got two other dogs and, of course, didn't.

Dad finally got fed up and knows that's no life for a dog. He knows I like the dog, have been worried about him and have given him attention and treats and brought Molly over to play with him some once she was around. So, he asked me to rehome him, and gave me permission to do whatever it takes to make that happen.


I can't take him in - we have a legal dog limit, I'm at it, and I think my GSD mix would eat him - but I can sure as heck do a lot of work and find him a home.


So, stage 1: Do enough counter conditioning to get him on a leash. He's a sweet dog but he's understandably not sure of what the deal with the leash is and doesn't trust it.


Meanwhile, meet Chance?






And wish us luck.

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Oh my, what a cool l looking dog! Looks like a Chow Aussie mix.


Here in NY there is a great non profit that works mostly out of Long Island, but they are an outreach group that educates owners, offers free vetting, free training, crates, pretty much anything the owners need if they are willing to improve the dog's life. Even if that isn't bringing the dog inside but at least better housing, a cable run instead of chain, vet care/neuter, food/water every day, and so on.


It is so great what you are doing! It is a shame it took so long for the father to step up but many dogs never get a chance at life.

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Thanks, guys.


I agree that he's some sort of herder X chow, and he's also a real doll. We'll get where we need to be, with some time. I'll update periodically as we go, but right now I'm just so excited that I can do something. Finally!


I haven't read that book, but it sounds awesome and I'll check it out.

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So, he finally trusted me enough to come away from his dog house - though I left the chain on - with me. Once away from there the fear stuff just melted away.
















I got some grooming type stuff done today and am thinking tomorrow I'll hack out some more of the uncomfortable stuff - or, well, over this week. I still can't take him in/take possession of him because of local laws, though, and limits - but I can FINALLY really look to find a home for him.

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He was so, so, happy just to have grass to walk on and roll in and eat, and then he saw the ball and LIT UP. He was just. So. Completely. Happy about everything. Still a tiny bit wary of being touched, but happy and friendly and sweet. He's a really good dog under all those mats and neglect.

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Thanks, guys! Waiting on the vet to call me so we can make arrangements for his vetting. The local agility community is really pulling together for this dog - and leaving me awe-inspired a wee bit tearful. Barring something awful, he should be out of there by winter, which was my really big goal.

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I spent several hours today removing burs, mats, and undercoat from him. He was incredibly patient through the whole thing, though I didn't even TRY to save the mess his tail was in. He has an appointment for vetting the 15th, and I have documentation from his owners to do whatever is necessary.

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I think chow influence is to blame for that one, but don't worry I'm not offended. He's a sweet guy, regardless, though I definitely agree he's weird looking!

Lots and lots of people behind this one and I love every last one of them for pulling for him.

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