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Cricket (the BC) & Agility training - a good start :)

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Yesterday, I started agility training at home with Cricket (my fear aggressive BC, also had surgery for hip dysplasia in April 04) I'm hoping that I can build enough confidence in her to actually take her to a class sometime in the future.

Anyway, we started off with 15cm. jumps which she did easily. She went through the tire jump also at 15 cm., did the tunnel (shrunk to 1 metre) and the barrel part of the chute. She had the most trouble with the 'open weave poles - we're using the 'chute' method. Other than a bit of hesitation there, she performed all these obstacles very happily. We spent about 10 minutes, maximum with LOADS of praise and some treats. She will never be a competition dog because I don't want her jumping much more 25 cm. but that's okay by me! She was having fun and so was I. I'm proud of her and I hope the confidence building will make her a happier girl so we can eventually try herding too

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Sounds like you and Cricket had lots of fun - which to my mind is what agility is all about. She will really enjoy working with you - and in some ways, since you're not expecting her to be a competition dog, you'll probably have even more fun. And just think, you can polish your handling skills with no pressure, so that when you get a competition dog :rolleyes: , you'll be the handler the dog needs!

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I'm actually training 3 dogs right now :eek: Jazz has had classes but has never competed. He needs to learn 'self' control...FAST, yessiree...but likes to make his own courses So I'm practicing keeping myself 'controlled' too. I'm also training Dusty, my little foundling. He's going to be a handful..fast, a little hellion...but scores points for cuteness I hope Jazz and Dusty will be the competition dogs. Of course, that means I'll need to be ready...which is going to be the biggest challenge :D

Tonight, Cricket worked really well...she even ran between two jumps and I stretched the tunnel a bit more. She's a happy worker which really does make it fun. I really think this will be good for her overall confidence.

I'm right in the middle of building more equipment...tonight we just about finished the pause table. Jazz HATES the table..so that will be fun to train :rolleyes:

I hope we'll get to building the teeter next and a few more jumps. So much to do, so little time!

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