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Bob Son of Battle, by Alfred Ollivant (Pay it Forward Book Share?)

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I read this book years ago, on the recommendation of a book selling catalog. It's a great story of old-time working sheepdogs in Scotland. All collies and sheep and rugged men and whatnot. Is our Bob the rogue sheep killer!? Or will he win the championship!? You'll have to read the book to find out!


I keep buying old books and yesterday picked up yet ANOTHER copy of BSOB, only to find that it's just a duplicate of a copy I already have. So - up for (free) grabs is a great sheep herding, border-collie book! (I think Bob is a border collie, even though he's often drawn as a standard collie.)


First person to message me their wish for the book and a mailing address gets it. Maybe we can do a board share, where people read the book and then pass it along to another happy reader. I remember we did that years ago, and I shared my fearful-dog training books with other members after I stopped being afraid Buddy would bite someone. :)

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Bob, Son of Battle (great old book!) is one of the books that Project Gutenburg makes available online for free -- see



I'm so old-fashioned I prefer "real" books, and I love the idea of Boards members sharing books, but PG's is worth knowing about if you like ebooks or if you'd like to read a few chapters online to get a feel for it.

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