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Breeder...don't even know where to start

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Hello Forum,


I have a lengthy story of looking for my next agility dog behind me. I originally started seriously looking about a year ago. I got in contact with a well-known performance breeder (I know...I know. I had reasons for this that I still stand by but ultimately it was not meant to be) and put down a deposit. Very frustratingly, and unfortunately, although I was given hope to receive one of the puppies the breeder decided to place her puppies with other people on the list and not with me (basically, too few puppies and too many people). I still do not have a date or specific litter that I am promised to get a puppy from.


This has been exceedingly annoying and sad for me as I was looking forward to this puppy very much. It was the final event to made me consider going back to looking at working lines BCs.


Now I don't even know where to start looking. I understand that many working BC people do not have an internet presence as they work on their farms (duh) and often only breed when they want a puppy themselves and then don't advertise. I know that the recommended method is to go to a trial and talk to people, but we live very remote and afaik there is only one sheep farm in our whole state (NM) which doesn't have a trial coming up.


So basically, if you could recommend a breeder for me, that would be awesome. I have gotten in touch with some local herding people who will look around for me, too, but I thought it would be best to utilize the internet as well :)


I am looking for a small to medium-sized (not too large) BC from health-tested working parents who will do competition agility with me, as well as of course be a beloved companion and friend :)


Thank you!!

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If you know of a line/ lines you would be interested in you can google those or specific dogs. You might find pedigrees on line that lead you to a breeder. I have had people contact me from across the country because they have been found a dog in my dogs lines that appealed to them or they had success with.

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If you are willing to consider Texas, you might find a well-bred pup from a good working breeder there. Herbert and Alison Holmes, Kay Stephens, Stephanie and Mike Goracke, to mention a few possibilities.

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One thing you might consider is going to the USBCHA website (usbcha.com), click on "directors and officers" at the bottom of the page. NM is in district 4, but you can look at the surrounding districts as well. Contact those district directors and see if they can't point you toward folks with litters or who might be breeding. There are plenty of good working dog breeders in both California and Texas.


I also second using HandlersPost.com.



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