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Gabe in Salem, MA shelter

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My local animal shelter - Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA - was one spot where I went looking when I wanted to adopt a new dog. This guy, Gabe, was in the puppy room the first time I went. ADORABLE. I visited several times over a couple months, and asked the counselor why Gabe was still there. She said he had high energy and maybe some issues with nipping at kids. I said he was likely a border collie mix - and that explained the behavior.


The last two weeks at basic obedience class for my new dog, the shelter has sent a worker wtih Gabe to help with manners. He's now much bigger - border collie sized - and full of energy. They've got him listed as a lab mix, but if I had to guess I'd say largely border collie with maybe something short-faced (Boston terrier or boxer grandpa?). He has the most adorable underbite. He is SO FULL of energy that even staying in class while another dog barks across the room is challenging. I feel so much empathy for him, stuck in the kennel in the shelter all day, never able to run or burn off his BC energy.


Anyway - if anyone in the New England area is looking for a high energy dog who's probably a BC mix, this guy is worth a look. :)



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I know! I did think of that, but I'm not sure how intrusive it would seem to a rescue, to be told about a dog in a shelter. (Or, to the shelter, either!) So... local rescues... what do you think about that sort of situation? (I know we've got New England Border Collie Rescue and Eastern Herding Dog Rescue and Connecticut Herding Dog Rescue.)

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I'm on the BRBCR mailing list and requests from shelters for potential rescues come through all the time. I don't think anyone would be offended by it. EHDR is based in VA and I'm not sure if they have fosters that far north, but you could contact them since they seem to be more open to mixes. They do have a litter of pups right now so might be stretched for fosters, but certainly worth a try. Even all breed rescues might be willing to take him on. The fact that he's got some training and is cute certainly should help.



I assume NEBCR has actually evaluated him?



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Yeah, the shelter's information does not make him sound like a BC. His photos don't even do his BC-ness justice. In person, though, he just tracks like a smooth coat mix. At least to me - and I'm no big expert, just used to looking at y'all's smooth-coat photos in here. ::Shrug::


I appreciate how crowded all the rescues are and how hard everyone is working. (Thanks for considering, GentleLake!). I honestly don't have the time in my day to pursue this much further than just my little post. (When I retire, I'm thinking I may dip my feet into rescue - but right now training my own new dog is all the dog I can take!!)


This boy is in a good shelter with a no-kill policy. I will ask the man who brings Gabe to class for more info on him this Sunday, to see if they do foster programs or have any other outreach.

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