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Finding a flyball group in MI

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Hey there, anybody here do flyball in MI or know of someone who does? I recently moved to Auburn Hills and I would like to find a flyball group around here to see if Ebby would enjoy flyball. She is properly ball obsessed, I think she would enjoy it, lol.






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There is the Front Runners and Rude Dogs. There are more but I don't keep track.


I'll find you links later.


If you find anyone who wants to start a team, let me know. I have a box (two hole, correct, and safe) and a few dogs that'd like to play.


Oh, and welcome to Michigan. I think you'll like it here.



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www.flyballdogs.com has a listing of all of the teams in the country with links to their web pages. Many teams offer begging flyball classes. The web page also has a locator board to put together folks trying to put clubs together.


Dana Nichols

Greeley, Colorado



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Oh wow yeah you are close by! I was just up there a couple of weeks ago and met a woman that I have been online friends with since my 7yr old mini schnauzer was a puppy but had never met until now! Small world, lol.

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No I haven't. I picked up a few Oakland County Parks brochures the other day at Summit Place Mall (boy has THAT place gone downhill, thanks to Great Lakes Crossing I imagine) but I haven't even really looked them over yet. I really do want to take the dogs somewhere to really play. Especially Ebby. And I would LOVE to take them swimming somwhere. Henry's only been once, Ebby never. i don't know how they will like it, but I want to go anyway! lol

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