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Best ear mite tx?

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I've found cleaning the ears and then using the product revolution works well, however I've only ever seen about 2 dogs with ear mites (99% of the cases have been cats). Most of the time its either a yeast or bacterial infection.

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Are you SURE your dog has ear mites? I've never had a client come in with a dog, tell me that it had ear mites then found them in their dog's ears. It's always been another type of infection, generally yeast. Ear mites are quite rare in dogs. I've only ever seen them in toy breed pups from puppy mills.


Besides, trying lots of treatments at home in the ears generally makes it harder for them to be correctly treated once you consult a vet. I've seen chemical burns, ruptured ear drums, permanent hearing loss and populations of resistant bacteria so bad that the dogs ended up needing surgery.


IOW, call your vet.

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I have had a dog with ear mites, but when my vet looked in the microscope and said "well, I'll be damned!" because it was so rare he didn't believe me. :)


My allergy dog has ears that look like they are mite infested when they get irritated from an allergen.


Please bring your dog to the vet and find out what is really the issue. Should be a cheap visit (only need to look at a microscope) and if its not you can fix the ears sooner rather than later.

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