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obedience training advice?

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My 7 month old BC pup is a little on the bull headed side. She listens good when it's just us 2, but as soon as there is a distraction, her brain floats away. It's like she doesn't even hear you. Then after you say her name 20 times, she finally looks at you.


She is VERY bull headed and prone to distractions. I've never owned a dog as bull headed and stubborn as her LOL


Any suggestions on general obedience training?

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My general advise is that at 7 months they aren't ready to be off a leash outside at all because you can't control their response to you if they are. Inside, don't give a command unless you can enforce it. My last pup was this way as an adolescent but has turned around. I didn't really notice a big difference until she was over 18 months tho. She's very responsive now. At almost 2 I think she is finally going to be ok when I put her to stock again:)

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Back on either a long line or a flexi lead and make a huge fuss each time she comes to you. You have to make yourself more exciting than the distraction so use loads of treats and always reward her for returning to you with verbal praise and go OTT with it. You can never give a dog enough praise for doing a recall;)

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