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Puppy eye colour


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Hello all!

I'm new to the forum and just got my first purebred BC pup and had a few questions about his eye colour. He's had his first exam by the veternarian and passed with flying colours but I just wanted to see y'all's opinion. He has two different colour eyes, one being brown and the other a kind of hazel gray colour. What do you think they will turn out as when he is an adult? And any vision issues associated? The vet said they might change and become the same and his vision will be fine.


He is currently 9 weeks old.


Any opinions are greatly appreciated!








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Lots of red dogs have hazel colored eyes that fade to amber when they mature. My tri was the only pup in the litter with light grey/green eyes and his are now a light brown. Odd eyes are not uncommon, so he may have one brown eye and one light brown eye when he grows up.



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