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how good/bad is you're border collie as a watch/guard dog?

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My border collie barks as soon as someone enters the garden ...though she'd never attack someone unless they went for a member of our household. She'll bark for about a minute after anyone enters   and told she's a good girl ...if you give her food she'll just eat it, or not , and keep on barking ...if you try to stop her by giving her a pat or stroke she'd just walk away and bark until she's given some attention by a member of the household ...she's just a natural guard dog ....and sleeps on my bed ...she truly is a man's best friend 

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Herschel barks at a lot of noises outside -- people walking down the sidewalk talking, neighbors walking around the side of the house between our houses, as well as the front gate creaking and someone at the door.


He will continue to bark at someone on the porch, sounding quite vigorous, but as soon as the door is opened, he will sniff and be calm.


We were burglarized at 3:30 a.m. when we were asleep upstairs (he was also asleep in our bedroom). He slept right through it. :)



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my border collie will guard this house from possums and or any small vermits! but when it comes to humans he will ignore them or if they are friendly lick and want to play with them.

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