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I have a dog that just doesn't want to listen while doing agility. She will listen some times but other times she won't. I no she knows what I am telling her though. Like I will say "Come" and she will bark and run the other way. Or "Lie down" and she sits and barks. I just can't get to to listen and it is really making me mad. But sometimes she does which is even more weird. Do any of you no why? Did any of you ever deal with this behavior?

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How old is your dog?


I remember reading in the "online-pamplet" that it says to sometimes just Turn away and ignore it if it refuses to listen. Aparently it drives these dogs nuts.


I've done it a few times on my BC and I can tell he feels bad when I do that. And somtimes he'll listen a little better. But he is a young pup and I don't expect that much discipline out of him.


Hopefully someone with more experience can respond much better than I.

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I trained a dog in the Netherlands that sounds just like your dog. This dog basically just barked and nipped and then would run off when I told her to come and it wasn't the fact of a language barrier because I spoke Dutch to this girl! I walked away from her and ignored her totally when she stuck her paw up at me and ran off, but once she caught up to me she would still be hyped.


I started to do obedience work with her on a very intensive basis. I got tough with her and wouldn't give her an inch. She wasn't allowed off lead and I did a lot of heelwork with her including specifically weaving and circles and figure of eights. If she barked she was reprimanded by a sharp flick of the lead and she was ignored verbally. When she was quiet she got little attention because the liitlest of attention sent her to over-exuberant levels.


I did this for several months and she got no where near an agility obstacle. Then when she had settled in obedience I went back to the agility and kept her on lead doing slow work on the obtsacles. We did one jump at a time and then I would make her come to me and she would get one off-hand praise word, then she would be taken away from the agility. Slowly this was built up over time and the behaviours from before didn't disappear but they lessened to an extent where we could both enjoy agility and I was back in control.

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