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That is a question best put to the Yahoo agility-equipment group.


I'm not convinced that you will save anything over buying a set from someone who already welds them in their backyard. That's the conclusion I recently reached, and I'm very happy with the set I bought. There are several good suppliers "near" you (these are just folks with welders and an agility addiction, not big corporations, and you get very personalized service from them):


Duncan at ActionK9

Carolyn at Agilityworks

Pete at Grateful Dog

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I use to work in a machine shop where we did a ton of welding. People would always bring us goofy off the wall stuff they needed cut, welded, tapped, etc. etc. etc.


A lot of the times if the project wasn't too big or didn't really cut into another project we were working on we'd do it for free. Or do it for a small amount.


I would enjoy seeing the base posts and some good pictures of some of the equipment that way I can replicate it. I don't see where it would be too hard.


But remember. There is probably much more to building those peices of equipment than welding. It could involve cutting, tapping, dieng, boring, grinding, plus some. And that can add up and get costly. Especially if they have to start engineering or re-enginering it.


But if your like me and enjoy designing, building, and working on stuff it might be worth a shot.

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