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Hi everyone


I'm new to this board, I have recently rescued a collie cross and she's a beautiful little dog but over the last 2 weeks, she's started barking a lot when she sees someone walk past my garden. Is this a collie trait? My dad had a collie and she never did this. Would I be able to train her out of this?


I was told she was a collie lab cross (I don't think there's any lab in her as she's quite small) if anyone would like to offer opinions on what she's mixed with, I would love to hear them!


Please excuse the weeds in the picture, they have been dealt with since this picture was taken.



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Welcome to this forum. You will find lots of help and awesome suggestions. My Jade is supposedly a BC/black lab cross and she weighs 38.2 pounds at almost 2 years of age.


I am working with her about barking at the neighbors across the fence. We are working at "Look at me" and we also provide the neighbors with treats that they just take a handful and throw to her when they are out so she relates really good things with the neighbors. I know that isn't possible with random people walking by but it is working with her.


Time and patience is the rule.




PS. She is quite adorable!

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She's pretty cute. Welcome to the BC boards. You will find a lot of information here. The "look at me" mentioned in the previous post is a training game that is outlined in the book "Control Unleashed", which comes highly recommended. You can get it at Amazon, and it is not expensive. It's got a lot of good stuff in it. A friend who has three excessively barky shelties trained it out of them using "look at me".


Does your dog get walked and played with every day? For how long at a time is she in the garden alone? Could she be barking out of boredom? Just thoughts.....

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