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Advice needed for pups playpen area!!

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking the last few weeks as we've been preparing to bring our little BC home, and given that I always see great advice on here, I thought I'd see if anyone can help.


We've got a 9-10 week old BC who is, honestly, the easiest pup I've ever owned. The only problem is with the playpen we've set up for her for when we have to leave her for longer. We had originally planned to include the plastic bottom of an old rabbit cage with wood shavings in it as a toilet (she was used to going on wood shavings at the farm where she was born); I then added some cut grass, as that's what she's used to going on at our place. After that, she started going pee in the box, and sometimes had even asked to go into the pen and gone pee in the box!


The problem is that when I leave her in the pen, sometimes she plays with the shavings and throws them around everywhere. Similarly, she chews on whatever bed/blanket/towel we've put in there, even though she has toys in the pen - sometimes she burries the toys in the toilet and then digs to get them out, throwing shavings/wood clippings everywhere!


By biggest concern, aside from her potentially eating the blanket, etc material, is that if she's alone for longer and throws the shavings/grass all over the floor, she'll start going on that on the floor.


Does anyone have any advice for what to put as a toilet? It doesn't seem to matter if she's tired out before she goes in the pen, she'll take a nap and then start making a mess! We need to be able to leave her in there while we're at work, so she needs a toilet. I'm trying to avoid the puppy training pads as they're expensive and I've never had much luck with them with other dogs (although this is the first puppy I've had to leave in a pen all day, in my past lives someone was always around).


Thanks in advance!!

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Get a large crate second hand - use Craigs List or something like that to look for deals. Put the shavings pan in it in the back of the crate. Get some squares of real turf from your local garden place. Put them down in the pan, with the shavings. Over a few days gradually reduce the shavings until it's just turf. You'll need to replace the turf every few days or so, so buy several squares and keep the unused ones outside and water them every now and then.


The crate is inside her 'play pen', of course. You may need to make the play pen larger so it will hold the crate and still give her room to play.


If you're not already, having a dog walker or a neighbor loving-dog come by to take her outside and give her some company while you're gone at work. Doesn't need to be every day, but it would be good for your new girl if you can swing it.


Don't use the blankets at all. The danger of her eating them is too high.


Good luck!


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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