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Oh man, well we haven't been around in a while we've been very busy with work after moving. Jinx took it all in stride. We live a couple miles from a lake and he loves swimming but hates putting sandy objects in his mouth. he'll swim for hours. I have to stop him or he'll just keep going. Recently he took to just swimming for no reason or with very little encouragement.

He's gonna be turning 2 in July and has become a pretty good dog now. Not the biggest fan of strangers but not exactly aggressive. He just avoids people he doesn't want to interact with.

He goes pretty much everywhere with me.


In a gondola before running down a ski run.







So after suppressing the constant urge for a puppy for long enough. Now that Jinx is a dog who does handstands for me. I've decided to get a puppy and train it up for some SAR. I originally found an ad on NCWSA for puppies but that person had already sold all her pups, but she directed me to another person with a litter born recently. I'm gonna check them out tomorrow, I'm pretty excited. I gotta reread some books I wish I would have read before I got Jinx. Now I'm a little fuzzy on their details.


Spring is full of puppies. I think Jinx is gonna love having a friend. And a ton of my friends have recently gotten puppies and he's done amazing with them, he shares his toys and lets them win in tug.

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About to go and see them, I will definitely take lots of puppy pics. Luckily they're only about 1.5 hrs away from where I live.


Hope I end up with either a smooth tri or a smooth red dog. But either one will be great.

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OH MY GOODNESS. I have never had a litter of puppies play on me before. It is the most amazing thing in the world. They were soon cute and happy. All but the one the breeder is going to keep happily jumped all over me as soon as I stepped into their pen. They already seem way more socialized than Jinx was when I got him. I got to see the mom work some ducks. like 80 ducks. It looked hard.

I really liked this boy because of his face so I definitely went there hoping that this little guy would pick me.




But THIS little guy was all over me and I was able to get him to chase toys and tug a little and once that started he was going for his other toys and all sorts of excited. I think this guy picked me...








Put a deposit down today. Not sure exactly which pup I'm getting, but I'm sure all of them will be great.

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Oh, my. They are all just adorable. How could anyone pick just one?


It took me 9 hours for me to pick out my first border collie pup. Erm, well actually it took me that long to realize that he'd already picked me and wasn't going to let me leave without him, no matter how hard I tried to choose one of his sisters. :rolleyes:


I should have just listened to him from the start because he was absolutely right. He was perfect.


The pups all look great. I'm sure whichever one you end up with will be the right one.

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