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Crate games & Calm Tricks

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Bett is scheduled to get her PDA repaired next week. That means a month of keeping her calm, initially 7 days of crate rest, and 14+ days of leash walking. I'm looking for ideas to keep her brain occupied. It's going to be a loooooong month.


I have puzzle toys - but could use a recommendation of a really hard one, the ones I have are too easy for her.


I've made a list of new 'tricks' to teach her while confined. This is my list so far:

  • Learn names of toys
  • Blow bubbles in a bowl
  • Cross right paw over left (she knows left over right)
  • Hold nose to hand
  • Look right and left
  • Balance treat on her nose

Any other trick ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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Pick up items and put in a bowl. Start with larger items and gradually introduce smaller items. I think this could also be combined with picking up the correct item (once she knows the name) and putting it in a bowl.


Check out the internet for dog tricks.


Good Luck with the surgery and rehab.

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