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We were working undogged, out of shape, annoyed katahdin ewes with lambs. I asked Zac to lie down to take some pressure off. To bring them to a trot and calm things down.


One ewe broke left and Zac went with her and tucked her back in just as I was hollering "hey" and starting down the field.


Jeannie asked me incredulous why I had corrected him. I said because he didn't lie down. She said, "But he saved that ewe from taking off. What do you want, a dog that can't think?"


I hung my head and said, "yes, i prefer a dog without a mind" and apologized to my dog.

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Oh, I don't know. I read on facebook that obedience trumps everything ;):ph34r:



Ya know, sadly oftentimes those with strict obedience beat those of us who keep the dog partially at the wheel...


Certain trials definitely reward those with mechanical, 100% broke dogs.


But I'll keep the natural :)

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Well it is the natural dog who will be most helpful with the practical work on the farm....



My thoughts exactly.


I have loved being able to watch my dog figure out things on his own. While it's tempting to get over involved and 'help' him, I'm beginning to realize when I am quiet and stay out of his way, especially in challenging tasks they typically go much more smoothly.

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