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Thanks :)


Tess was born with a chip carrying the retrieve instructions, so the merit is mostly hers. We have worked a lot on it, but mainly getting consistency, putting it on comand, explaining that the object is not to be droped and always to be delivered on my hand, etc. She strugled with metal objects, but has been overcoming it, more by letting time pass and her mature than by specifically training with metal objects. I do train from time to time and reward heavily when she does something that makes her uncomfortable, but don't train that much. You can see in the video she is uncertain about the metal bowl, although it can also be because it's bigger than the rest of the objects, she strugles a bit with larger heavier objects.


I tell you, she's a big help around the house :) The other day, I was putting together a new bed for her, and was putting the last screw in, meaning that all the parts where tightly pressed together just awaiting for that final screw, when the screw fell under the table. I didn't want to let go of the dam thing right then, so I called Tess who was asleep in the living room and asked her to pick the screw and give it to me. I just nodded vaguely in the general under-the-table direction and she got it! :)

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I've a terrier with that retrieve chip, it's wonderful when they have it built in. I dropped my phone out on a hike, started to panic, looked down and she was trotting along behind me carrying it. Saved me having to retrace my steps for three or four miles to look for it.



For me the post-it and the metal objects (knife and fork) were the most impressive things. Hmmm. Wonder if you could teach a dog to set the table?

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Wonder if you could teach a dog to set the table?

I think Tess could learn that, although it would probably take more training than I'm willing to do. I wouldn't mind eating on stuff she carried in her mouth to the table, but I doubt other people wouldn't :rolleyes:

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