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Just found out our buddy has diabetes help !

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OK Here it is.

Sunday May 17th


8am 236

8:10am fed

8:15 Gave 17ml shot

10:00 am 156

12:00 pm 115

2:00 pm 129

4:00 pm 150

6:00 pm 125

6:10 pm fed

6:20 pm Gave 17ml shot.


I will send this to the Vet in the morning but how is it looking.





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Wow, I would be happy with that if it was my dog! I'm guessing you mean 17 units? What type insulin is he on? What kind of food are you feeding him? Wow! Some dogs take quite a while (of changing insulin dosages) to get that good. What did your vet say? I bet Bam Bam is feeling a lot better!

It's odd it dropped again between 4 pm and 6 pm. I would have expected the 6 pm blood glucose to be higher than the 4pm one. I'm just a Vet Tech but it looks good to me!

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He is on Novolin for insulin, yes I meant 17 units. We feed him 3/4 cup of Eukanuba Senior in the am and 3/4 cup in the pm.


The Vet was very excited with the curve and even more excited that we are taking his diabetes seriously.


I asked him about the increase at 4 pm and then drop at 6 pm. He thought it might be due to the insulin wearing off ( around 4 pm) and then the drop at 6 pm due to not eating.


The one thing I am trying to find now is dog treats for diabetic dogs, He loves treats and the only treat he gets now is a little cheese.


I need to take a video of him, I can say "Bam Bam shot ! " and he lays down, I can say "Bam Bam test ! and he sits and raises his lip alittle. Its amazing on how smart this breed is.


To think at the beginning of this I was petrified of the future, Me and Bam Bam are bonded more then ever now.

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I'm so happy for you guys and Bam Bam!!!! It's funny, we always tell owners the best thing is to feed prescription food for diabetics because they formulate it so that the sugars break down slowly over time but some dogs won't eat the food and have to stick to their usual food. These dogs (and cats) are usually very difficult to regulate. I'm glad that's not the case with your dog.

If you do treats you should decided exactly what kind of treat, how many and when and stick to that schedule. You probably should do another curve also once you change his diet, but give it a week to adjust. Don't feed anything semi-moist, that will send his sugar sky high. Dry treats are best if he needs them.

That is awesome that he is so good for the injection and the testing!! I'd love to see a video!

That does make sense that it went back up at 6 pm due to him not eating yet.

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