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I've read this before and it's brilliant, no? sounds so much like the kinds of things we say here. B)


Thanks for sharing. It was good to read it again.


p.s. Seeing the pictures of the dogs makes me think (again) that my lurcher just might be a border collie/saluki mix.


Or a Sheltie/Saluki mix. Could that mix come out with a border collie looking muzzle, though? I'd think it would be pretty narrow. And a pronounced stop?


Sorry, I digress . . .

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Yes, I have read this before too, but enjoyed reading it again since it is so complete and well-written.


I have a friend who used to race whippets. She did not show her dogs in breed competitions (AKC) since she did not believe in the "beauty contest". Occasionally someone with an AKC-type whippet would show up at the whippet races to try their luck. Apparently, they hardly ever won - even though their dog was bred to the standard. ;)

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