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Gibbs - Portrait of a Social Butterfly

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So I'm having lunch with a friend at her local café, which is right next to a sort of upper crust golf course. Gibbs is with us, and by gum he's turned into a 'I'll just lay here quietly and watch people go by' sort of dog. Who knew?!?


As we're walking through the parking lot, a guy in a golf cart stops to ask about Gibbs. To my knowledge, this dog has never seen a golf cart before. In the past he's been very nervy around novel items, and a big cart with a strange man in it rolling up to him certainly counts as novel.


Turns out the guy used to have a bc that he used for goose work, We had a really nice little chat about border collies and the work they do. Gibbs never batted an eye.


When he first came to live with us, he was pretty darn cautious about everything. That settled down fairly easily, but he still remained watchful around really unusual things.


But the last couple months or so, (he's been here almost 4 years) he's reached a new level of 'ho-hum, nothing to worry about here' that's surprising and really wonderful.


Never give up.


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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I have never met you or Gibbs, Ruth, but for some reason I got like this intense feeling of pride. It can be best summarized in the succinct but heart-felt 'atta-girl!' Possibly with some kind of raised fist salute-of-triumph.


So you should be proud too. Your right to be proud is so white-hot in its blazing intensity that it's infected me a thousand miles away. Any tips for those of us still down in the trenches?

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