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Well, the premier didn't go all that good. The Top Ten Junior Agility was chaos! The judge was brand new(had no clue what he was doing) and the staff had no clue what they were doing for the most part. I was unintentionally cheated out of third place. The judge made a lousy call(only 1 point, but it counts at Nationals!). After I had found this out, I went back to watch him. He was extremely NOT consistant with his calls. Hmm.. Well, he is human and he is new. People make mistakes, but I wish his mistake hadn't jeapordized my placement! (Oh, you'll love this! Because of the scoring being screwed up and the judge making lousy calls, my own sister got my placement!! :mad: GRR! That sucks. :rolleyes: )


But it wasn't all bad..I had friends that also qualified for Nationals(thanx to my dog training instructors constantly nagging! )So we all just joked around. I also saw a lot of the judges that come to our shows to judge and talked and joked with them. (One of the judges was helping out with the rings, she came up to me, and asked ME what she was supposed to be doing!! :eek: And I was a competitor! Lol We had a good laugh abot that!)


I'm going back up with a friend Sun. to watch some breed rings. I think I have finally decided on a Belgian Malinois puppy and want to meet some owners, see what kind of advice..breeders...ya know..all that stuff! Plus, my friend has got her BC in the breed ring that day and I'd like to be there to watch and support her! Everybody needs their fan club(even if it does only include two other people! :D )

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Brittany and Bennet..girl with a black poodle? Bennet being the poodle?


I don't believe she placed, but definitely did good. Probably slow time. It's was basically who's dog could run the fastest, and her dog wasn't all that fast.


There was this boy there, with a cocker his mother had trained. He was running it..grr.. He's old enough to train his own dog. THat's not fair to us other juniors that DO work our butt off. But, (Brittany being the girl?) Brittany and I both train our own dogs, and work our butts off to do good, and she(and I!) should be proud just for that! :rolleyes:

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He works with the dog just as much, if not more, then his mother does. He does do agility, obedience, and showmanship with the dogs in 4H.


They have two more Cockers he works with too but I don't know if they were there. It was probably Chevy he was with, a very flashy black and white male?


I think he is 9?



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No, they brought the black and white up with them, but he had shown with a red and white cocker.


He's 9. Okay, I thought so. Nine years old is old enough to start learning and getting the basics of how to teach a dog. At that age they are still kids and learning, themselves, and it can be especially difficult to teach a dog when they don't really know how. I started training my aggressive(to dogs only) male cocker when I was nine. Well, at least he is getting experience working with the dog. But it is definitely different than actually training. But, I imagine sometime he'll get his own dog for Him to train and that'll be good for him. He seemed like a nice kid. I'm sorry if this offends you, but my impression of his mother is that she cares TOO MUCH about winning. When teaching and dealing with kids you can't let them do that, or it won't be fun and they probably won't dontinue doing it if they have that choice. Competitiveness will come with age. But, at that age he needs to be just having fun with his dogs..

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My friend, Jessica, with her BC did pretty well today at the premier! She won her class(junior female) and then got Winner's Bitch! :rolleyes: She also did really well in the Junior Showmenship ring, although she did not place. She was excellant, but for some reason(I think she was trying to be encouraging) she gave 3rd and 4th place to some sucky handlers. Hmm..maybe next show!

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