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I raised ducks for 12 plus years as a child and after a long break am planning to get some again. Since I live in town I plan to get Cayuga hens as they are quieter. When I was a kid I kept adult ducks in a pen with straw-filled barrels and old dog houses raised off the ground a few inches. Has the recommended housing for ducks changed over the years? I've looked it up in several books and housing never seems to be mentioned for ducks. Thanks!



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Bethany, if you have not, check with the rules there where your living to make certain that they don't have limits or even if poultry/fowl is allowed where you live. Some town/city ordinances ban all livestock and chickens/ducks may be included in their definition of livestock.

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Thanks for the tip. Luckily, I did check the city ordinance a while ago. It's written pretty strangely but it looks like I should be fine with a small flock. I even called animal control to find out how they interpet the rules. If you keep poultry (chickens or ducks) as pets you can only have 2. However if you have them for other purposes (eggs, meat, stockdog training) you can have 25 but they have to be in a pen/coop. Animal control said that I'll be fine with what I'm planning and just need to build my housing once they are old enough to go outside. It is acceptable for me to keep them in a pen/coop and allow them to forage in the fenced yard as well. They'll be set up in a brooder until they are older and by then I'll hopefully have an idea of how I want to do their outdoor housing. :)

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