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Are they BC mix?

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Hi all! I would love to get you guys opinion what my pups are mixed with. They're littermates (to the extent of our knowledge…) Nothing is known of the parents, could even be a split litter. Shelter guessed lab x great pyr. when they were little fuzzball puppies. At 5yrs I don't see that. They're 21-22" at shoulder and ~45lbs. I see border collie in them, but everyone see her fluffy yellow coat and thinks golden retriever. Thoughts?















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They both look like lab mixed with something else to me. The black one has a great pyr look in the photo of him sitting and the side profile of him standing. The golden one has the head and eyes of a lab but with big ears and a fluffy coat that could come from anything. If I were told they were known to be lab/pyr mixes I would believe it. I personally don't see anything border collie like just by the photos posted. They could easily be a mix of several breeds.

The great part of not ever knowing is that they can be whatever you want them to be :) They're beautiful and look very happy!

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Since long hair is recessive and Labs have short coats, Lab/Pyr mixes would have short coats, wouldn't they?


I'd be more inclined to think golden retriever/Pyr than Lab/Pyr . . . . or a mix of more than 2 breeds.


Btw, there are more than one kind of "retriever." Goldens, Labs, flat coats, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers . . . So saying "retriever" isn't very specific. ;)

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They look like golden retriever mix, to me. The blond one looks golden + traveling salesman and a friend of ours years ago had a black lab/golden mix who looked a lot like your black one. Though he does have a suggestion of some other heavy, shaggy breed in the mix.

They look like 100% adorable! :)



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I thought Toller when I saw the first dog and changed my mind when I saw the second dog.


I thought I read something about Golden Retrievers having a recessive gene for black and if crossbred would produce black puppies? (Someone please correct me if I am wrong).


Whatever they are they are lovely dogs!

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Yep, the only way to get a golden dog would be for both dogs to carry that ee red, I believe, if I understand the genetics right.

For what it's worth, I see a lot of really small (45-50lb) goldens. Mostly females, but they DO come that small.

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I belief most Goldens are BB ee kbrkbr.


BB = black

ee = gold (masks black)

kbrkbr = brindle, masked by ee)


Gold is recessive, so the other parent would need to carry gold to get gold pups.


Brindle requires just the right genetic combination of colors for it to be visible.


So black really is quite understandable as a color for a dog that is half GR.

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Even if they are litter mates, nothing says they have to have had the same sire. The black one has more timber than the gold one. I'd say the gold one is Golden Retriever X. The black one could be anything.


It occurs to me that there might be "oops" litters around that were a cross between Border Collies and livestock guarding dogs. Maybe the sire of the black one could have been one of those.


Anyway, beautiful dogs. Does the black one have extra toes? He seems to have prominent dew-claws on his rear legs.


I'd almost want to do a DNA check on them, but it would probably come back Pointer/Chihuahua. :rolleyes:

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