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Any good livestock Facebook groups?

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I don't currently have any livestock but hope to in the future. I always enjoy reading and learning. Do any of you belong to any good livestock groups on Facebook? I've found a few good groups for Border Collies, and livestock guarding dogs but none for just livestock. I'm thinking sheep, goats, possibly alpacas, maybe cattle. Horses. This all hypothetical at this point so I'm just in reading and learning mode about everything.

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Not sure what you are looking for? There are MANY groups for selling/buying livestock. If you like a particular breed, then search for that and you will come up with some hits. Once you join groups, others tend to be suggested


BTW could you PM me with some info on the sable in your avatar? It looks very much like a dog I know

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Hi Pam,


I realize there are many groups on Facebook for livestock, but the problem I'm having is that unless I search the exact name of a group, I do not get good results with generic search terms such as "sheep" or "katahdin sheep" but if I have the exact name of the group it will come right up.


Thanks Sue, I joined.

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