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Agility/Obedience queries

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Hi folks,


Could someone please give me a wee outline of how many points are needed for each class in AKC Obedience and AKC and USDAA (think those letters are right?) Agility in order to gain the different titles?


Also what are the minimum ages for entering a dog in each competition. I know I've a lot of questions but AKC and KC in the uk are very different and I'm learning obedience and agility american style from scratch. Only good thing is that I can go right back to starters again cos with Kes I think I may need to and I would dread going straight to Novice in the UK!!! :rolleyes:



Kat :D

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Hi Kat,


Generally we don't promote AKC events or the participation in them here (long story).

FYI here are the other urls:





The minimum age for trial entry is different for each of the organizations.

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I know you guys don't like the AKC and I'm guessing its because of the crap breed standard that they have for Border collies just like the KC here are ruining our working BC standard. If Kes is ever bred and that will be a choice I will make many years down the line, she will be bred to a working trial dog and not a show dog. Every year at Crufts when I was there competing with Meg, when it was pastoral day I took a walk around the bc benches and was appalled to see how bored and lifeless the show bc's were. Really unfair....


That said however, obedience and agility are a huge part of my life and Kes will be registered with the AKC to participate in their competitions. I have high hopes for her. Meg reached championship standard in both obedience and agility which in the uk isn't an easy thing to do (we don't do collecting points; we do x many wins per class), and hopefully Kes will also prove to be a very good versatile girlie in the U.S.


Thanks a million for the links Annette

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Helloo Kat,

Question: where are you moving to? You might find other venues more to your liking anyway. USDAA is more closely related to British competitions than AKC anyhow. Are you familiar with Chris & Jeff Bolton (English Agility competitors)? They visit various towns here at least once a year to visit the pups they've placed. I've trained with them some-I must say that most of their kids are run in USDAA primarily.


Some areas of the country have more trials in one venue vs the other and CPE is growing in leaps and bounds and is actually very fun. It's great for starting young ones and the games courses are not as easy as some might think. In any case we can find out which org. holds more trials near where you will be. Let me know if you need further info. I know what it is to move and not have things set up, a place to train, etc. I do it all the time:)



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There's also NADAC in the US (North American Dog Agility Council). NADAC Web Site


We're still training for the first time in Agility with Tenaya and Willow. Our local Agility Club (Willamette Agility Group, WAG) sponsors both USDAA and NADAC trials. I'm still learning about the differences between the different venues, myself.


Deanna in OR

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Annette, Kes and I are going to Fort worth, Texas (did i mention I can't wait to go? lol). I do indeed know the Boltons and they are super breeders of the Lunarlite line as well as excellent competitors and trainers. I've so much to learn and thankfully a fair bit of time before Kes will compete but I also like to have an idea of what I'm aiming for in each class and those links are a great help thanks :rolleyes:

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