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I think we've been adopted

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Small update. She's decided to attach herself to me like a little furry shadow and she's acting a little afraid of my husband. He's 6'1" and not a delicate man. I've tried to tell him she's probably not used to men, that it could be his beard or shaved head but to try to be easy around her and not loud or scary but I think his feelings are hurt when she runs from him and hides behind me. I put him in charge of feeding her and told him to use the voice he uses when he's making fun of me (high pitched and silly). Any other suggestions to help her not be afraid of him?

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You said she had ridges on her lower incisors. What exactly does that mean? Are there other determinants that show how old a young dog is? I am trying to pin down the age of my Freyja.

I read that the teeth on the bottom in the front (the little ones) wear down over time. Older dogs will have smooth incisors and younger ones have bumpy ones. Like when you lose a baby tooth and the new one grows in with bumps on it but it wears smooth after a few years. I'd take a picture of her teeth but she's a squirmer lol maybe Ruckus will let me take one of his later

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Feeding her is a good start, but he should not expect that she will approach her bowl until he backs away - at least at first.


Less threatening postures are very helpful too - turn sideways, get down on her level, do not stare directly at her.


If he just wants to sit in a chair and throw treats at her, that would also be a good place to start.


It is hard to say how long it will take, but he shouldn't take it personally. Just be patient.

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She's a food motivated dog. She'd eat it out of the bowl while you're still holding it if you take too long to set it down for her lol

Anyway, I managed to get Ruckus to hold still enough to get a picture of his lower incisors. He was a year in February.


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