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Do they ever get tired ?????

Was a good hour montain hike with both Max ( 9 ) and Lilly ( 5 mo ) . Come home and now there playing... :blink:

Thought for sure they would take at lest a nap.. I know am ready too. lol

At only soon 5 mo`s how she going to be at 8 mo`s, one year, two year`s :unsure:

I thought that you needèd to take it easy with puppy`s, not to over tirer them.

I think we need to re-think that for BC`s. :lol:

And maybe a pack for her, would be sooner than later. Max love`s his. He hold`s his head higher and just trotes along all prade, for all to see.


Oh was at the vet`s yesterday, Lilly is now 11.5 kg.

All legs, and long body.


Yay there going to sleep now. 1 hour later.




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The exercise restrictions are to protect their growing joints and bodies :) (since you can't really tire them out). It's also a good time to teach them to settle


My pup didn't offer to nap until he was close to 8 m/o. I just stuck him in his crate every couple hours and he'd fall asleep almost right away and sleep for an hour or two.

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As Quinn approaches 10 years, he enjoys a nice long nap. :D This breed tends to have a ton of energy. Forced down time (such as crating) is helpful in teaching a youngster how to relax and chill. You can inadvertently create an exercise junkie because these dogs love to do things at a moment's notice. Having a good off switch makes for a great companion, I think, always up for fun but happy to hang with you on the sofa.


You do need to be careful not to over-execerise puppies as it can lead to joint problems. Free play is ok. The pup starts and stops on his own as opposed to how long we dictate. I would caution against hour mountain hikes or wearing packs at her age.


Have fun with your little girl! Time flies all too fast.

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What everyone else said . Your goal is not to exercise your dog until it is tired out, your goal is to provide your dog a reasonable amount of exercise, provide a mental work out via training and to to teach the dog how to behave when it is not being entertained by you, and high speed movement is not an option.


Also, you need to realize that if you ask your pup to go it WILL go, more than he can actually sustain safely. That's part of the package and anything encouraging like throwing a ball (much less being on leash) means that your pup WILL go. Whether they should or not.


I have a teenage bc. Trust me, trying to tire them out is an exercise in futility and a great way to wreck both their bodies and minds. Exercise both, then work on teaching them to settle. Otherwise your dog is going to be a nag, a pest, and an adrenaline junkie of a dog that is difficult to live with.


As an aside, my 10 month old who spent most of yesterday playing ball and frisbee will get no more exercise today OR tomorrow than happens on potty trips. I'm busy and the weather is gross. She'll live with it, and spend most of the time on the couch watching television or chewing an appropriate toy.


Sunday, she'll be raring to go but she won't be a pain about it. In fact based on this winter I'd say it takes about 2 weeks of minimal exercise before she gets weird.

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Thanks everyone, good heads up.!!!!

Need to work on given her more time outs for sure.

I DO NOT want a nag, pest of a dog...lol

So every two hour`s I should crate her for a nap then ????

Max can lay and sleep all day and night if weather is bad...

I worked when he was growing up, so cant remember more than he was crated when at work, as he eat the couch ++.

Just been so long sence I`ve had a puppy forget alot of things. ( she will be my last puppy, dog as am old as well )


OK as for over-execerising puppies, how far is to far? an hour walk, half hour each day ?

I`ll wait then for a backpack, and more montain hikes with her. :)

I don`t execerise ( walks) them every day, if weather is bad we do things indoors, ball, train like put your toys way, come, sit, stay, etc at lest 2 times a day.

the rest of the bad weather days, Lilly trys to get Max to play, most the time he wont, and I have to step in and stop her.

But I have been bad about given her time out in the crate. If she gets to much on Max, I`ll put her on the couch or in a corner and make her stay. She then sleeps an hour or so. ( why havent I seen she needs more of that entil now )

You all are just the best... Thanks so much for your time and help..

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If it's an off leash meandering walk where she sets the pace and you stop for breaks then 45-60 min is probably fine. But I wouldn't do a structured on leash walk for more than 20 min at that age.


As for packs, wait until her growth plates are closed (generally around 18 m/o)


Yes, I'd be putting her in the crate for quiet time every couple hours. If she'll go lay down and nap on command that would work part of the time, too. Pretty much, get her in the mindset of "we do stuff then we chill"

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Ok sounds good, ( crate, nap time ) If she thinks its good its another thing. lmao.

She will go into the crate if I say "IN." And sleeps in her crate at night, if I go shopping she gos in the crate.

Can`t go off leash, its law every where you go now...No dog parks eather.

So I try to go into the montains where there are few to no people, just so the dogs can be dogs. And run if they like.

But today I didnt, so they where on leash, but there pulling me along the way. We are working on that. Max will stop pulling me along after 20 min, but Lilly she needs to learn it.

Am no slow walker so will cut her walks to 20, and just have to give max an extra one.

Thanks so much. :)

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Also, you need to realize that if you ask your pup to go it WILL go, more than he can actually sustain safely. That's part of the package and anything encouraging like throwing a ball (much less being on leash) means that your pup WILL go. Whether they should or not.

This is so true!

My Jester is 14 and he would still fetch a Frisbee all day long if I kept throwing it.

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Yesterday, Kieran and I were the only ones at agility lessons, so he had the whole gym to himself. He came home and was still bouncing off the walls and playing with my dad. If anything, it gave him more energy. And he really would go all day if that's what I wanted - the trainer remarked that he wants more than anything to make me happy and won't give up until I do.

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I think I tired Brady out ONCE when he was about 10 months-ish. And it was after a day spent in the snow. After that? Never again. At 4 he's a pretty mellow dude, very calm. He naps and chews on things when I'm busy freelancing and then is ready to go, go, go when I say the hallowed word: park. We also hike and go to the River as often as possible. He could fetch a bumper all day if you let him.

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