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Barking at birds... help!

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Hero has an annoying habit of running up and down the backyard barking at the birds flying above; the chimney swifts really set him off.


He's not a big barker in any other situation, well, besides the mailman.


How do I teach him not to bark and be quiet? He has tunnel vision when it comes to this, he'd even rather chase birds than play with a puppy.


And before everyone says to tire him out and make sure he gets enough exercise, it doesn't matter what time of day, or how much he's been active...


Yes, I could have him focus on me and do training in the backyard, which I do, BUT I want to be able to garden in peace, or have friends over for a BBQ.


I'm almost to the point of trying a bark collar to help the training, I just hate the idea.


Any advice is greatly appreciated!!



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Teach him to chase birds quietly.


Dog in the yard on a long line dragging on the ground. As soon as the barking starts, reel him in. No need to say anything -- just wait for him to stop barking. Reel him right into the house if you need to. As soon as he stops barking, praise him and let him go chase birds again.

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