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Help!! Seperatation anxiety!!

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Okay so my 2 and a half year old, Duke, has always suffered from separation anxiety, easily managed because there is almost always someone home and he isn't destructive he just sits and waits and doesn't move until someone is home.


However, my husband has gone overseas (2 weeks ago) and Duke has just flipped a switch to destructive mode, if he isn't tearing something apart (bye bye couch) he is crying. Or he is tearing things apart while crying. Usually pretty good with commands (except on walks, damn cars!) however now he just won't listen and it seems to be getting worse not any better.


He simply isn't adjusting.


He is eating which is surprising! He and I usually fight at dinner time unless both me and hubby are with him but he is eating fine. :)


I can't leave him outside unattended because he has decided he doesn't like the cat anymore either.


He gets walked every night at least 30mins-1hr.



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Do you have a crate or x-pen? If not I suggest you purchase one, it can be larger than the 'reccomend' size of you want him to have room to move around. Whenever you need to leave or just cant watch him put him in the crate. If he is also doing this while you are home and watching him get a leash and tie it to yourself.


Keep him close to you and go back to training 101. Retrain him that he should only chew his things, and give him something similar to what he destroys. (I.e. If he pulls fluff out of the couch give him stuffed toys to destroy under supervision, and if he touches the couch say no and give him the stuffed toy. If he persists he leaves the room the couch is in.)


You can also try giving him a Kong to work on when you are watching him to see if it occupies him. Fill it with something he cannot resist and for more challenge freeze it before giving it to him.

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