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Constant peeing in kennel/crate?

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This is a new one for me.


My new puppy Dodger is 9 weeks now and has shown extreme improvement on going outside thanks to some tips and advice from my other thread.


This week he has had three accidents in the house. All three of them were in his kennel/crate almost immediately after going in.


When we got Jet, our other border collie two years ago, it is the only place he wouldn't go. He even held it all the way from New York to Bogota under the plane, plus a four hour layover (~11 hours total) when he was just 6 months.


Is there a reason why he wants to pee in his kennel so badly? Anyone have tips to make him stop?

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If he keeps peeing in the crate, he may have a UTI. If so, you should bring him to a vet to have him checked out.


One time my puppy peed in the crate, and he was mortified. I realized that even thought I had taken him outside, he was so busy playing that he didn't pee outside. So when I put him in the crate and left for a couple of hours, he couldn't hold it. Think back to the times he peed in the crate to determine if he had just eaten or had been playing outside and how long it had been since his last pee. If so, it could be just a simple management issue.

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I agree with checking for a UTI.

AFTER that has ruled out, you might want to take away bedding (if he has any). Some puppies will go on anything absorbant, look at the size of your crate to make sure it isn't too big, and to all consider where he grew up so far to make sure he hasn't been trained to go where he sleeps out of necessity (ie: kenneled or caged puppies often have a harder time with his and puppy mills are the worst).

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Definitely not a UTI, he is healthy as he can be.


I always believed that dogs peeing in their "house" was very rare. He has been in it three times this week, all during the day, all three times he has peed.


At night we leave the door open, he goes in and out, usually to bother Jet in his bigger bed across the room and try get him to play, no issues so far this week with accidents at night in the bedroom.

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Are you putting him in his crate and then he pees? Or is he going into his crate by himself and then peeing?


If he's peeing when you put him in his crate, then I'd say you need to put him outside and give him a chance to go before putting him in his crate.


If he's going into the crate by himself to pee, then you need to be watching him to see what he's doing right before he goes in to pee and catching him when he heads to the crate so you can anticipate it and take him out before he has the opportunity to pee in the crate.


Both are situations that you can manage with some observation on your part to help him out.


It's totally not fair to the pup to compare him at 9 weeks old to the other pup at 6 months old! That's kinda like comparing a child who is 2 years old with a 7-8 year old . You wouldn't expect the same control from a toddler that you would from a 2nd or 3rd grader, would you? 9 weeks old is far too young to expect very much from a pup in terms of potty training.

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Dear Doggers,

9 weeks old, 3 pee accidents in a week? Is there a problem?


Donald McCaig



Ditto. Three pee accidents in 7 days time for a 9 week old is nothing. It may well be that he simply forgets to potty when outside and then has an accident when he relaxes in the crate. But that said ....


I'll second or third the question - did you have your vet test for a UTI and s/he gave you the all clear? You can't tell a dog has a urinary tract infection just by looking at him or watching him eat and play.


~ Gloria

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I'll...fourth? the sentiment that this is just a puppy thing. Puppies forget to pee outside. The world is just too darn exciting!


3 accidents at 9 weeks is still pretty good, I would say! Nothing I would consider "constant". Puppies will be puppies, some need much more structure and guidance than others.


It can't hurt to check for a UTI though. Like everyone has said, you can't tell if a dog has one without testing unless it's severe.

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