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Mystery lumps on neck


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Hi everyone,


This is our first post on here, we are from the UK and we are hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what our lovely young BC might have - sorry in advance as it might be a bit of a long story!


We have a very sweet BC who is 1year 4months old. Last year around October time we noticed that she had a small lump on her neck which we monitored for a while and when we were next at the vets we mentioned it to them as we felt it had gotten a little bigger. They weren't concerned and asked us to continue monitoring it. We did this and after a little while decided that we should go back to the vets for them to check it out again, this time they shaved a patch of fur off where the lump were and it revealed a cluster of lumps which covered a bigger area than what we could feel. Our vets still weren't concerned but did say if we wanted to we could do a biopsy which she would have to be sedated for but they didn't really feel this was necessary and so we left again.


These lumps have never bothered our BC - only when the fur above it was shaven and irritated the skin a bit, otherwise she was never been scratching them or in any pain from it at all.


We decided we wanted to get a second opinion so we went to another vet who also wasn't concerned by the lumps but did give us a course of antibiotics to try and rule out any possible infections and also did say that a biopsy might still be necessary.


The antibiotics didn't seem to change the lumps, although with her fur grown back its hard to tell and we'd rather not shave her again as then it does irritate the skin. We have also since tried a recommend homeopathy cream, which after using for a week or so we thought we started to feel the size of the cluster of lumps decrease however we couldn't be 100% sure of that without shaving her. After another week - 2 weeks of applying this cream no further improvements have happened.


It looks like we might have to go down the biopsy route but before we do that and make her go through anything unnecessarily we wanted to reach out in as many places to see if anyone anywhere has ever had anything like this before and may be able to give any possibilities as to what it might be and we thought this forum was a good place to start!


We have attached a picture of the lumps from when the fur was shaven, it looks red in the picture but this is only because of how the skin was irritated by it been shaven.


We appricate any help anyone may be able to give us!


Thank you




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I have never seen lumps like that. I sympathize with you on the frustration of not know what the heck they are. If it were me I would have the biopsy done, just for piece of mind. Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.

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Thank you jvw, it does look like we are going to have to go down the biopsy route. It's so difficult not knowing what it is. She is such a lovely BC (like all BC's!) and she has seemed to have things that our vets haven't seen before or make sense - she has had many problems with her stomach which she has had quite a lot of tests done for that and unfortunately we are still none the wiser about that but thats another story!


The main thing is that she is very happy and she not phased by much!

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I too was going to suggest a dermatologist. Hopefully you have one somewhere nearby!

My youngster had a problem on her nose that my (very good) local vet didn't seem too concerned about.

The dermo did a punch biopsy (tiny little thing!) said it was the beginning of discoid lupus, which won't spread anywhere else. She gets cream on it daily in summer, every other day in winter, and it should be well controlled. The dermo also said it was the *earliest" she'd ever had it diagnosed, so twas good to have checked.

That's obviously not what your dog has, but it would be worth a check if this is still going on after several months.

Good luck! (and keep us posted)


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