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problems wiht frisbee too

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My dog brings the ball back to me when I throw it. But when I throw the frisbee, he catchs it and go away to play alone with it. He bites the frisbee in a corner and seems to enjoy playing alone more than with me.

Actually he brings it back to me just the first time I throw it, than, after the first chase, he seems to play rather alone...

Does anybody have some advice??


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How old is he? Maybe it is just an age / attention thing?


My BC didn't care much for frisbee until a couple of weeks ago (he's 16 months old) - he has always been big time BALL CRAZY, and even now, his reward for frisbee is to chase a ball - but until a few weeks ago, he just didn't care much at all about playing frisbee with me - he loved to throw it himself, chew on it, etc.. but not bring it back, now all of a sudden, he's on his way to being a frisbee dog..


Just a coincidence, this is from today (the challenge was throwing, grabbing camera, focus, and shoot :rolleyes: ):




For over a year, I'd throw the frisbee, he'd usually sort of ignore it - I'd encourage him, he'd get it, but didn't really care to bring it back.. Then, one day a couple of weeks ago - he goes running, and JUMPS!.. I still have to encourage him, he'd rather play BALL, but he seems to love frisbee too..

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