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Dear Dogs,


Just writing a note to you up in the shop, which is the only place up here where we can do the internet. (So I can share this..)


You all have taught me so much. By just being you. You have taught me how to teach, how to see.


You have warned me

coaxed me


Rode along side.


All of you are different.


There are some who are braver

some who are smarter


Some who are faster.


One who is prejudiced against sheep, and will only work cows.


Some with good grace.


Some who could do a days work with little training from me.


One who could've hunted mammoths.


But all of you are teachers.


All of you I love.


Including you, Blood Sucking Fly Man.


You have taught me what I really need.


Without you


And The Work


I would have not learned.



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