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Dog won't play with other dogs if I watch him, but does with someone else.

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Hi folks,


Sorry to always badger you guys about really silly questions, but I was wondering if you guys could help me figure this out.


I walk Caleb 3~ times a day, and in that time, we always do something-- flirt pole, frisbee, or fetching. I've tried not bringing anything with me to get him to play with other dogs, but he just sits there at my feet and stares. We've recently started using a dog walker, and from what he (and another friend who's watched Caleb for me) says, he plays like it's nobody's business-- really outgoing and social and loves romping.


What I'm confused about is why he would be like that with someone else, but just sit there and wait for a ball with me walking him? Is he just trying too hard to please me? Am I imposing too much on him?


Thank you in advance.

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From what you describe, he's focused on you when walking with you, because he values you, and interaction with you, more than with dogs. That's great!!! The dogwalker is not valued the same way, dogs are better than her, but you are better than dogs. Most people would like to have that in their dogs.

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^^^ And, that's what he expects from you. The ball. The ball, the ball, the ball. Border collies 'specialize'. You are the Human with the Ball. Or the Flirt Pole.


You can start by doing walks or car rides where there is No Ball. That's actually a command I give Gibbs ~ he thinks any time we enter a fenced area we are going to play Ball. The dog parks I take him to are all chain link fencing. Hence, one of his major cues for Ball is chain link. Teaching him No Ball took a bit of time, but he's used to it.


I capitalize Ball because I envision a little balloon over his furry head when we approach the dog park. The balloon contains "Ball". Or some days, "BALL!" That's his response to any hint.


It's great that he likes playing with other dogs. You simply need to open his clever and fixated mind to the idea that his Human offers a wider spectrum of fun than just "Ball!"


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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