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Nebraska Border Collie Rescue?

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I've had an email from a person in Omaha, Nebraska who is looking for a home for a border collie mix she got from the pound, before a death in the family that means she will have to move to an apartment. I thought I'd suggest Nebraska Border Collie Rescue, but since I have no personal knowledge of them, I thought I'd check here first to see if anyone had any reason to think I should not refer her there. Thanks.

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I foster for them occasionally and have never had a single bad experience with them. :) They do all they can for the dogs that come in. Treated several for heartworm (successfully), taken in severely abused dogs and rehabbed them (think baseball bat to the face!) :( and believe in the true working aspect of the breed. Karen often takes dogs to John Holman in Clay Center for him to evaluate if she thinks they might have any working ability.

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