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My Old Buddy is Very Sick

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Tried to let him out in the yard while I shoveled, but he went to the gate and insisted on going for a "real walk." He trotted around the block, intent on marking all the snowbanks that he hasn't seen since Monday. Yay drugs! Yay Buddy!

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Thanks for asking - just came in to post an update.


Buddy is acting normally now, except maybe a little weak still in his rear quarters. (Having a bit more trouble jumping on the bed than usual.) I will keep my fingers crossed that this was something he kicked. And at least, if he regresses again, I will know that I gave him a fighting chance. Thanks to those who gave me some encouragement when he was so sick - he literally couldn't pick his head or tail up! Knowing that other dogs had come back from such a bad state gave me a little bit of hope.


The prednisone is making him VORACIOUS. I threw some Cheerios out for the birds about 4 days ago when he was sick. They're frozen into the ice of the walkway. Yesterday, he made himself crazy trying to dig them out and eat them. ::Sigh::

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I, too, am very late to this conversation, but I am so relieved that Buddy has made such a solid recovery! I hope he continues to act normally and to feel good.


(And I hear you on the prednisone--our beagle was recently on it. He already thinks we are starving him, but the pred took his voraciousness to a whole new level.)

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Update: Buddy had bloodwork again yesterday, and the vet called today to say his platelets count is normal again. So, either the prednisone or the antibiotic worked. Prednisone will be stepped down next week, then further blood tests for evaluation a week after that.

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