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Nipping at back legs????

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ok,,, Phoenix has recently started nipping at the back legs of Sitka, (my BIG 90lb Akita mix, and Phoenix is ~34 lbs now!) mostly when going down the steps and she dares to be ahead of him!

My question: other than the fact that it is just plain "not nice", for him to do that, should I reprimand him, or just let Sitka do it. The main reason I am questioning my role is, if we do decide to take herding classes and maybe do trials (for fun), is it ok for him to nip at the sheep? I know they are not supposed to bite, and he is not doing that (yet!), but I don't want to reprimand him for nipping if it is gonna confuse him for herding???

Actually, I think I am the one confused right now!

It appears to be a fine balance between, obedience, herding, agility etc, etc.. as far as do's and do nots for training. I have done obedience training for years... but I have never done any of the "other", types of training. Any insight to help with my whacky little 7 mo old BC boy would be much appreciated.


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