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Training a long distance down or stop

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I have a 13 month old BC that I want to train to "down" at a distance. I have been working with her on developing a "down/stay" -- walking away and then calling her. She has been doing very good to the point where I am moving on to "proof" training her down/stay and recall. I want to be able to put her in a down stay, walk away 30 to 50 feet, call her and then stop her in the middle of recall and have her drop where she is. I am mostly working with a clicker. So far, when I tell her to "down" in the middle of a recall she continues to come and downs at my feet. Any suggestions?


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I started working on this recently, and just this morning had a big success! Buzz was flying toward me at the park from maybe 60 ft away, I said 'down' at about the 40' mark, and he downed!


Anyway, I started inside. Buzz (or any of them, I tend to train the same thing to all three) at my side in a sit/stay, I toss a piece of kibble a couple ft away, release B, he goes for the kibble and I say 'down' after he's got the kibble and is that 2 or 3 ft away from me. B was puzzled at first, but did the down at that short distance. I toss another piece of kibble to reward.


Repeat, repeat, repeat, gradually adding distance in the house. Then out to the back yard, start a bit closer again, repeat repeat repeat, gradually increasing distance and fading the set up. So, in the back yard, I can cue him to come to me, and 'down' him at any point, then reward, usually with the ball or a good brisk neck scratch.


Today we triumphed at the park. We've been working on recalls there and he's doing well, so I tossed in the down and he did it! Hooray!


If that's not clear, post and I'll provide more detail.


Ruth n the BC3

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This is a great thing to teach your dog to do.


How I did it was put Piper in a down/stay, walk away 30+ feet and then call her to me, we did this a couple of times and then put her in another down/stay, half way to me I said "DOWN" (like I mean't it) and used handsignals. I don't use a clicker but rather hand signals because you (a dog) can see hand signals a field length away but not always a clicker.


The first time, she went down and then oozed towards me, but the other times she did it, she did it right, no ooozing.


I was pretty proud of myself, because usually it is the husband that trains her and I'm just the playmate

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