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Of Border Collies and Tea Parties

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My young nieces live just up the road from me. They've always liked my dogs and have been enamored with Kolt since I brought him home. He's played with them, licked them, knocked them over and there was even a puppy nip or two.


But along with that they've learned about dog manners and he's learned about kid manners. Be calm and polite. If you get crazy the puppy will get crazy and it will be your own fault when he knocks you over. If the kid is carrying food you're not allowed to grab it out of their hand. And so on. It's been really great for all involved.


The oldest one turned five today. She wanted a tea party for her birthday. When going over the guest list she had four people "and Kolt!" Her mom told her that Kolt was a boy. "That doesn't matter". So her mom waited a few days and went over the guest list again purposefully leaving off the dog. It was met with a "Mom, you forgot about Kolt"


So Kolt attended a tea party today. Two kids, four adults and a Border Collie.


I figured I'd put him back in the car after 15 minutes. Instead he happily wandered around the room for an hour, took treats when offered and only needed to be reminded a few times to leave the youngster's food alone. He only overwhelmed the 2 y/o with kisses once (and afterward she was still proudly proclaiming "Kolt my friend") and was pretty much the model tea party guest.


This dog just amazes me. And the kids are pretty cool, too.

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